Open Rehearsal

The Open Rehearsal is a workshop and performance series designed to identify the strengths, challenges alliances, and actions of key organizations, people, and events in the Queer Black Feminist ecosysytem. The process asks critical questions through dance, music, video, visual art and direct engagement with the audiences and participants.

The Open Rehearsal is both a process and an action that materializes the expression, “performing our practice.” The process serves as a platform to exchange ideas, techniques, contradictions, and challenges. The workshop leads to a public performance where segments from [b]REACH: Adventures in Heterotopia are performed improvisationally with local participants and audiences. As the [b]REACH segments are chosen ahead with local collaborators and focused on issues within their communities, the Open Rehearsal explores shared concerns regarding the autonomy and control of bodies, land, and ideas. Facilitated dialogue with the audience rounds out the Open space.

We are currently in dialogue with international, national, regional and locally-based activists whom we will engage with as collaborative partners for at least one year. Working with organizational partners including local artists, technicians, scholars and activists, we aim to use the Open Rehearsal as a platform to exchange ideas, techniques, contradictions, and challenges. Our goal is to use the Open Rehearsal process to develop a collaboratively designed interactive website and political education tool rooted in intersectional movement-building. The Open Rehearsal will also serve as a mechanism to both develop and share our findings. Through multiple mediums we will contribute to the strategic and tactical direction of abolitionist movement-building.

Open Rehearsals allow for democratization of roles and help build trust for creative risks. At the beginning of the collaborative process, we establish principled agreements and responsibilities, determine logistics and communications processes, and identify project goals. In preparation for the Open Rehearsal, we strengthen our partnerships through shared readings, democratic dialogue, and creative problem-solving.

We are currently looking for new collaborators and would love to have a further conversation with you/your organization about participating in this project! Feel free to contact us at